What Makes Someone A Foodie?


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4 thoughts on “What Makes Someone A Foodie?”

  • Well, I would guess I’m a foodie. My best friend and I love trying different places and cuisines. If you haven’t been to Corey’s Country Kitchen on Richmond Road- go! It’s a fabulous soul food place, and my food crush. I tried Zaxby’s for the first time while in Raleigh last weekend. Meh, but I tried it and I wasn’t unhappy with it. So… it’s good.

  • I think you know that ours is a foodie family! Ma started teaching me to cook when I was 18 months old. I’ve made cheese from scratch, butchered my own meat, baked my own bread from scratch using a sourdough starter older than us… And I made sure I found a partner in crime with suitably similar tendencies: Last summer, my darling Bride and I planned our entire vacation around driving to Lafayette, Louisiana to eat a sandwich she saw on PBS at 4:30 one Sunday morning. (And included a pilgrimage to Avery Island!) And we’ve managed to raise an enormous kid who is planning to open a restaurant… Food isn’t just a way to sustain life, it’s a reason to live!
    And the fact that you and your Sweetie are of the tribe, too, is only one reason that we’re so glad to know and love you guys!

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