Why The Change?

Since many of you joined our mailing list when we were known as Retrogirl Confessional, I wanted to take a second to let you know why we made the name change!

I got notifications that my hosting was coming up for renewal and I was trying to decide if what I was paying was worth it for what I was getting. I decided to drop Bluehost and the WordPress business plan and switch to SiteGround (it’s less expensive, it’s easier to navigate, and it has much better options–plus I really like the new site even though it’s still a work in progress). Since I was undertaking the hassle of starting over, I figured that now was the time to change the site’s name as well. I liked the name Retrogirl Confessional, but I love the name Retrogirl’s Kitchen. It’s just more me, and gives people a better clue as to what I’m all about. I’ll still be posting about geek stuff, just a bit more as it relates to FOOD!

Because food.

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