Hi! I’m Jen. I own a music and geek store in Williamsburg, Virginia called Retro Daddio, and I vend at 24-25 science fiction, horror, and comic conventions each year.

I have a helper that runs the store for me when I’m at cons, but otherwise, I run the convention booths and the day to day of the business solo. Do you see those dark circles under my eyes? Yep–that’s why.

I also love food. I mean…I LOVE food. Recipes, restaurants, farm markets, cookbooks, modern cooking, historical cooking, weird vintage recipes, fandom food–I dig it all.

That’s why I started my blog–I want to share the things that I find with you!

Since I’m an Amazon affiliate, most of my posts contain affiliate links. This is stated at the top of each post, but you can also read our Boring But Necessary Legal Stuff by clicking this link.